Aromas and Flavors trigger so many memories of wonderful days gone by, Childhood memories of Grandma’s kitchen, the school canteen, hanging out with college friends or that family barbeque outing. Certain aromas like the wafting smell of a cake baking in the oven, mom’s home cooking, onions frying , chicken on the grill create an instant craving for them.  While Aroma is related to the sense of smell, flavor is the combination of a food items’ smell and taste. Aroma plays an important role in the flavor of a dish so much so by altering the Aroma, we can alter its flavor while keeping the taste intact.

Beautiful Aromas floating from a kitchen reflects a happy home. I always believe that the way to a person’s heart is through his or her stomach. So if you are out to impress your family or friends and make a special place in their hearts, cooking a beautiful dish is a sure shot way to it.

Balance the Aromas and Flavors in your cooking. It will go a long way in balancing your life with the Fragrance of love and Taste of happiness.

Each of the dishes included in this blog have been tried out personally in my kitchen . Go ahead and give ’em a try.

All the Best………



Secrets of Turmeric

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