Beautiful Blogger Award : On my 50th post

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This weekend brought with it a beautiful surprise to me. Alice from alifemoment nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger award. Barely six months into the blogging world, this means a lot to me. I feel honored, but more than that I feel super excited and on top of the world .What makes it extra special is that this happens to be my 50 th post.

Thank you Alice, for giving me a shot of motivation. alifemoment is a wonderful blog which is a visual  treat for visitors. It not only has food recipes presented in a most delicious way  with awesome photography, but also shares useful beauty and health tips. I especially like her Magical detox water series.

picture courtesy: alifemoment
picture courtesy: alifemoment

The rules of the award states that I have to pick  7 blogs and write a short description about their work. Now, here are my nominations for this award:

  1. Feasting with friends :  This is one amazing blog I love for its whipped up sweets and sauteed eats. You can’t help drooling every second you are on it.
  2. Loving food, fashion and life : The web is full of fine food blogs and one which really stands apart for its brilliance and uniqueness is LFFL. It is a destination for food lovers and fashionistas. I have even done a blog feature on it
  3. Shivaay delights : This is one lovely blogger who shares her passion for cooking and baking. Each of her posts are beautifully presented and well written.
  4. Hari’s got tales  : Who doesn’t love Chinese food especially when it is presented in such an authentic fashion on this blog. Apart from food, we get a taste of Chinese ingredients,places and traditions. This blog is a mini encyclopedia about China.
  5. Tasty Eats : Owned by a professional chef with work experience in diverse aspects of the culinary profession, this blog posts the most exotic recipes.
  6. Ranting Chef : This amazing blog ‘ explores recipes, restaurants, gadgets and anything else related to cooking and eating’. A  haven for food oglers.
  7. from dusk to dawn : This  blog has nothing to do with food but gives a lot of  food for thought . Owned by a young blogger,it deals with love, life, emotions, ecstasy,… setting you in a reflective and thinking mood.

Congratulations to all the nominees. They are beautiful in their own ways and are truly deserving of this ‘ Beautiful Blogger Award. And thank you once again Alice for considering my blog worthy enough for the award.


26 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogger Award : On my 50th post

  1. Congratulations to you, on your well deserved new award! Yippee for reaching your 50th post also. 😀
    I can’t thank you enough for bestowing a nomination upon me and my blog…so very kind of you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


    1. Yippee! Thank you for sharing my excitement. And also for warmly welcoming me into the word press community when I nervously stepped in six months back. And of course you deserve it 🙂


  2. Congratulations!

    Thank you very much for nominating me!
    I feel so honored!
    I don’t know if my blog is as good as you described it but I’ll try to live up to it!


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