My visit to the Food and Bakery business event

Last weekend, I had the chance to visit a Food and bakery business event. It provided an opportunity to the industry suppliers to interact, network and do business with Restaurants, Bakers and Caterers.Visitors to the show included Restaurant and bakery owners,Chefs, Food and grocery retailers, Bread and Biscuit Manufacturers,Food Connoisseurs, “Food writers and Bloggers”.

 clicked a lot of pictures there, besides  gorging on the delicacies from across the globe. The best part was the individual portion sizes, which allowed us to try out as many  signature dishes as possible.I somehow loved being there. I felt like Alice in Wonderland 😀  

This week’s Fiesta Friday, I am sharing my trip with you .I am sure the adorable host Angie and her lovely co-hosts Nancy and Loretta would love to use the lovely silver ware and cutlery I am bringing along. I will let the pictures do the talking from here.


There was a huge array of Cakes, bakes and desserts on display


















There was a live demo on Icing cakes, baking cookies and cooking



There was a display of machinery and equipment for baking, bread slicing, cookie cutters, rotary grill etc…There was one company which promised to teach the KFC formula, the equipment, in fact every thing to set up a food chain in competition to KFC 😀  Wonder if the KFC folks are listening 😀






Bread Slicer and chocolate shaver
Bread Slicer and chocolate shaver
rotary grill
rotary grill


Then there was beautiful stainless steel and silver ware on display






All the walking , ogling, clicking pics and inquiring at the stalls made me hungry. There was a lot to choose. but we made a few picks.

chicken parmigan
chicken parmigan
buffalo wings
buffalo wings
Fish grilled with bishops weed/carom seeds/ajwain
Fish grilled with bishops weed/carom seeds/ajwain
outlaw chicken burger
outlaw chicken burger



I wanted to try Cha-Choi Tofu Wong Tow Cheong( I only recognized the word tofu) and Funghi Alla Trapanese , maybe because they sounded interesting, but there was no appetite left. But the entire experience was a pleasurable. informative and a gastronomic delight.




34 thoughts on “My visit to the Food and Bakery business event

  1. My third try to post a comment with this revised (yuk) app… I was unable to make a comment on an individual photo but that third cake down.. The one that looks as if there’s purple “water” flowing over it. What kind of icing is that? Unique – at least for me!

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    1. Thank you for stopping by 🙂 the cake was gorgeous. The purple icing was the edible ‘glaze’. Even I learnt from this exhibition that these glazes are available in the market. In fact , that cake stall was promoting their margarine,glazes and other cake decorating products.

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  2. Wow…you’re like a temptress sharing all of these lovely, delicious photos with the Fiesta Friday group! After taking a virtual trip with you through the event, there is no doubt in my mind that you enjoyed yourself 100%. Looks like you had a lot of fun and possibly left feeling quite full. 🙂


  3. Welcome to Fiesta Friday, and thanks for taking us behind the scenes to look at all those amazing cakes and dishes. Portion control would have flown out the window if this were me. It all looks too good! Enjoy your weekend 🙂

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  4. I am very curious about the grilled fish. It looks so interesting. 😀
    We got some cooking demos here, which I never attend, but I’d love to visit such an event like this! 😀

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    1. It was very mildly flavored with the main flavor being bishops weed and very fresh and tasty.Events like these are a great opportunity for food bloggers and connoisseurs. Got to learn a lot of new things .


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