SOS- Writer’s block


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     The Writer’s block


Hours on my desk staring

The blank screen never looked so white

Fumbling fingers on the keyboard

I just don’t know what to write.


The cursor keeps blinking

As if mocking at me.Thinking’s clouded,drained of inspiration

Words aren’t flowing, not a single thought

Hovering over an abyss, Is it the end of invention.

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Three whole days, the symptoms keep repeating

Heart races, imagination ceases, just can’t create or evaluate.

Letters aimlessly floating,refuse to juxtapose for  Le mot juste

Every idea seems so obvious, my own past works I can’t duplicate.


Words aren’t here, my mind draws a blank

Stood upside down and sipped cups of tea

To let creative juices flow, but I have seemed to hit the wall

After a hundred posts, what is happening to me!!!

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Abandoned by the muses,countenance whiter than the screen

SOS!Agony and despair looming large.  Experts diagnose please.

I know I am a food blogger, not a writer

but I need a few words, even to post a recipe.

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To investigate the murder of my creativity,

I hired two sleuths.Detective Google and Dr.Wiki

Who in a baritone pronounced “Elementary my dear skd’

Analysis Paralysis‘it has to be.


Critical of your own work’ both said to me.

Part relief! Part shock!

The clogging of synaptic junctions were the doing of

The dreaded ‘Writer’s block’ !!!

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My friends,readers and my supportive community

Maybe I can’t write like Keats or Shelley,

But trying to crawl out of this black hole, on the road to recovery

Till then for old times sake,please don’t forsake me.

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This dreaded Writer’s block

It had to happen to me.

Written by : skd

image courtesy:Google

I am taking my poem this time to my friends partying at Angie’s place The Novice gardener


58 thoughts on “SOS- Writer’s block

  1. well here is a little encouraging – i was feeling the same – but i INSISTED my muse wake up – I gave her a poke lol – one image of desert air – no idea why or where i was going – tugged at an old memory a bit – pretended i was someone else -and voila! poem! we all get these days (or weeks) – the thing is not to dwell on the block – jump it – it doesnt matter where you land. If all else fails try some of my prompts


  2. No worries!! Thats a part and parcel of the blogging journey! Whenever an ideas strikes i keep a note of it in my phone as a list and look them up when i am faced with the Block! But at times I am simply stuck and not able to write even after checking out The List 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think I will have to start doing that. Sometimes it is like a shower of ideas and you are raring to go. And times like these you are stuck in a void. Hope to get over it soon. Thanks for the encouragement ☺


  3. Oh dearie me, I hope you get out of that slump pronto SKD. We couldn’t NOT have you visiting and attending the parties on Fridays now would we? The weather perhaps? It’s enough to get everyone down in the dumps.


  4. you’re not alone! I totally relate – yesterday it felt that I took a looooooong time to write not very much at all – even when the words came, they did not translate as I repeatedly hit the wrong keys… my solution – feed that inner muse – all it’s favourite simple comfort food 🙂 might be why I am not the skinniest of souls but hey! Peace to you and try to give yourself a break, no one can be as amazingly awesome as you appear everyday 😉 xxx

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  5. I can definitely relate to this skd! I hope it clears soon! sometimes just writing anything at all can help clear up the head and get you going again, so hopefully writing this has pushed you in the right direction. Try not to stress too much about it, the words will come eventually, they always do!

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  6. I feel much better now. A couple of visits and time spent on your brilliant blog should inspire me. I was actually re reading your post on Athena 🙂 Thank you for your good wishes. I


    1. Actually I was thinking I will write a post and imagine it is invisible. And nobody except me is going to read it. Maybe it will work. All the best to you and me. Hopefully we will get out of this soon ☺

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you dear! ! It was a while ago that I had written this because at that time I couldn’t get myself to write a simple food post. I know writer’s block is too big a thing and doesn’t happen to bloggers and that too food bloggers lol. I was just taking a humorous take on my predicament 😉

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