Dragons Loyalty award


I cannot express in words how honored and humbled I feel. Four wonderful and talented bloggers have nominated me for this award. I would like to thank all of them for their generosity.

  1. Stephy@Stephysweetbakes : Stephy is my sweet blogging sister. She has been extremely kind to nominate me for four different awards. She is a passionate baker and bakes like a pro. A virtual tour of her blog leaves you in awe of her talent.The pictures make you drool.Personally, I am a huge fan of her blog.
  2. Lina@Lin’sRecipes : Lina is a talented food blogger. She has a beautiful innovative way of posting her recipes. She tells her recipes in the form of a story. There is a new recipe with every episode. You must check her interesting blog.
  3. Joann@Joann’sFoodforthought : Joann has a delicious blog with real home made food, the kind you can actually make everyday. She likes to find complicated recipes and tweak them into easier and sometimes tastier versions that any home cook can make. Her Chicken in Green chili sauce is one of my favorites.
  4. Donna@beautyblogtogo : Donna has very interesting and mouth watering recipes on her blog. From savory to sweet, breakfast to dinner, soups to pies she has them all. She posts her recipes on pretty colorful notes which makes them appear very easy to make.

Thank you beautiful ladies for presenting this award to me.

Rules for this award:

1.display award certificate on your website

2.announce your win with a post

3.present 15 awards to fellow loyal bloggers

4.drop them a comment to let them know you nominated them

5.post 7 unknown things about yourself


7  things about me:

  1. I played 5000 games of Literati online before I started blogging.
  2. I love the smell of books and petrichor.
  3. I am super sensitive.
  4. I have to speak up when I see something wrong being done.
  5. I have done my masters in English Literature.
  6. I have done a lot of glass painting, fabric painting,pot painting and even murals, some of which adorn the walls of my home and the rest I have gifted away.
  7. I like to do mental calculations rather than using the calculator in my day to day life.

My nominees are:

  1. acbistro
  2. sweetandsavorysideofme
  3. Goanimports
  4. bakedtreats
  5. cindyknoke
  6. aromaticessence
  7. Fromthefamilytable
  8. lili’scakes
  9. nataschaspalace
  10. oldthingsarenew
  11. 8wdee.com
  12. aquileana.wordpress.com
  13. compartiendomicocina.com
  14. shehannemoore.wordpress.com
  15. Indfused

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