Infinity Dreams Award


Awards are always very special. They are an appreciation of our work and an expression of admiration and acceptance. I always feel excited and humbled whenever I am nominated for any award. For the past few weeks, my blogger friends and community have been very generous in nominating me for some beautiful awards. I am so overwhelmed. Please bear with me and actually why not join me in  my excitement, while I collect all those beauties.

First of all, I would like to thank Sandhya who nominated me for the Infinity Dreams award. Sandhya hosts a delicious blog Indfused. An architect by training and a foodie by passion, she takes us into a delightful journey of Indian and fusion cooking. Her recipes are accompanied by beautiful pictures and her blog is a must visit.

According to the rules I am supposed to list a few of my dreams and nominate 7 blogs.

Sooo…my dreams would be….

  • All the delicious food in the world should be free for the poor and calorie free for the rich.
  • I want a teleporter which can beam me up to the city where my son is studying in a jiffy, whenever I miss him (pretty sure he wouldn’t be amused by this idea. But this is supposed to be MY dream and I am free to chose…right?)
  • I want a Robomaid. …someone who can cook, clean,wash up the dishes,answer the doorbell,organize my closets and not make excuses for not showing up for work 😉
  • I want a smart button or something of that kind, where on the press of the button I can make someone( who I am not quite fond of ) exercise for me while I  relax on my couch and burn my calories  ….is that supposed to be cruel ?…well, it’s a dream which comes free with the award 😉
  • On a serious note,I dream of a world where there is no envy,no hatred,no disease,no disparity,no pain. In other words a world full of love,faith and everlasting peace. I thing that is what heaven is all about.

I would love to spread the goodwill by nominating the following inspiring blogs:

  1. Stephysweetbakes
  2. Donna@beautyblogtogo
  3. Joannsfoodforthought
  4. Indiancurryshack
  5. Smilingnotes
  6. Davebakes
  7. 10eveningflowers
  8. teagan’sbooks
  9. JohnWhite

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