Veggie Ice Cream Bars

Veggie Cream and Cheese Bars
Veggie Cream and Cheese Bars





Have you ever been presented with a food that looks like one thing but tastes like another. At a party you  forward your hand to grab a hamburger, but it is only after you sink your teeth into it, that you realize you have been skilfully  tricked into a cake. Chefs have been disguising food for a long time, whether to amuse diners or demonstrate artistry. Optical illusion foods are fast becoming popular. I have always been intrigued by this clever art of food, though I never tried cooking any such thing.

This Friday, as I was planning to make some stuffed vegetable patties for Angie’s Fiesta Friday and also for a neighborhood Iftar party, a vague thought struck me to amuse the kids present there. I rushed to buy some ice cream sticks and make my own mini cheat food/ prank food, something like an optical illusion. I wanted to make my cream and cheese veggie patties  to look like chocolate and vanilla ice cream bars. Looking from far, they did manage to confuse ( I don’t want to use the word cheat ) the kids and their moms. The whole idea was impromptu. If planned well, in future I am sure we could do much better in creating an optical illusion. But for now this is how I made my Chocolate Ice  cream bars. They taste awesome, so do give it a try…..

  1.  I boiled a kilo of potatoes with jackets on. Once they were cooked I removed their jackets and mashed them. ( Remember I was cooking for two parties )


2 . Next I finely chopped onions, carrots, capsicum and beans. In a pan I put some oil and fried onions till pink and added the veggies and sauteed them till done. And seasoned them with salt, paprika powder, cumin powder and some allspice powder.


  3. I mixed the mashed potato, veggies and more than half a loaf of bread ( dipped in water and pressed between both the palms to drain).


4. Then I crumbled half a kilo of Cottage cheese , some feta cheese and cream cheese. Use any cheese you like. Seasoned this with salt, white pepper powder and some dried oregano. I once again added more than half a loaf of bread ( dipped in water and pressed between both the palms to drain).




5.  I took some of the cheese mixture and molded it on a pre soaked ice cream stick in the shape of an ice cream bar . repeated this with all the sticks ( makes 40 ) and kept them in the freezer for half an hour to set.



6. After half an hour, I put the veggie mixture over the cheese layer and molded it in the same fashion. Put this in the freezer for half an hour. Remove. Dust each bar with dry flour. Dip in whisked egg. Roll in bread crumbs. Deep fry. Make sure the sticks are left clean. Since we soak the sticks, they don’t burn while frying. Still, I wrapped them ( the wooden part which sticks out ) in aluminium foil.



  7. Serve this yummy prank food at parties and surprise your guests. You could make it non vegetarian too by substituting the vegetable layer with mutton or chicken kebab mix. Follow the link for a tasty variation.



This weeks Fiesta is being co hosted by  Indu @Indu’s International KitchenSelma @Selma’s Table, and Hilda @Along The Grapevine.

Though a bit late, I am joining the party. Why don’t you come along…..



51 thoughts on “Veggie Ice Cream Bars

  1. Wow! How innovative and clever! This is really neat! I bet the kids gobbled this up without complaints! I would love to try this sometime. Love that you put a cheese layer in the middle so this really looks like the Chocolate vanilla bar! Awesome job! And thanks for bringing this to Fiesta Friday! 🙂


  2. Glad you were able to make it to Fiesta Friday. As you can see, the party is still going strong. These look fun and delicious and I can see people are enjoying them.


  3. Better late than never especially when bearing a tray of these! Brilliant and great as a portable food for a party or two! Very clever indeed – great optical illusion. Thanks for sharing and Happy Fiesta Friday!


    1. Wow ☺ Thank you so much Alice. It is an honor to be nominated for such a wonderful award. I would love to accept it. It is indeed very kind of you☺


    1. Thank you so much dear for your lovely comment and all the likes. You really made my day 💕 Please do keep visiting. You bring in a lot of sunshine and cheer (joie de vivre to be precise)with you which rubs off on my blog.
      Virtual hugs and regards

      Liked by 1 person

      1. you just gave me a big smile, thank you so much, you are so sweet. 🙂 I feel the same for your blog, i will definitely keep visiting and liking your posts, your recipes are great and i want to try most of them whenever i can, tysvm for the likes and stopping by my page.Love your blog.Best wishes, loads of loves, xo

        Liked by 1 person

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