Winds of Seperation


 Couple of weeks back, as a part of Christmas celebrations my daughter’s school had organised a lot of competitions for students and encouraged them to take part in as many as possible. My daughter took part in four or five and one of them was “Poetry Competition”. The topic was ‘Separation’ and the students had to submit one original entry. They were allowed to take help from their family.And my dear girl remembers all of this on the eve of the competition. Both of us sat down, raked our brains, collected our thoughts and rummaged through ideas and finally came up with this poem

                   Winds of Separation

 Winds of Separation

Have blown us apart.

Ten years of togetherness

I will hold close to my heart.


Been kids, adolescents and teenagers

We have grown up together.

Seen the rains, the winters and summers

Shared books and secrets come every weather.


Still a toddler separated from my mother

When I stepped into my Alma Mater, face writ with fear

You sat amongst  the bawling kids, as calm as ever

I knew I found my fidus Achates when you wiped my tear.


Hand in hand, saving each other’s hide

Life’s little hurdles, we would smilingly tide.

All through the years, in unison we played

Our  roles of best friend, philosopher and guide.


Alas! Destiny plays its own part

Carved mischievously, for each her own path

Agony of separation brimming four eyes

The hand that wiped the tears will now unwillingly depart.


Sun may never shine the same

Paths may never cross again

Life played an unfair game

We will never laugh our way home, on puddles in the rain.


But isn’t this what life is all about

Cherishing the memories, celebrating the friendship

Than submerging in pain or wallowing in doubt

Winds of separation left behind a lesson well taught.





The sketches and artwork was done by my girl and the poem was written with my help.

And this is what happened:


She won the First Prize in the Poetry competition. Hurray!!!

We wanted to share this with all of you. Hope you like the poem and the sketches. 

And please do visit her Instagram page Fennekin7   where she shares her sketches.


Fiesta Friday is celebrating its 50th edition.Sweet Angie @ The Novice gardener is co hosting it this time with the awesome Selma @Selma’s Table and Sue @birgerbird


54 thoughts on “Winds of Seperation

  1. Wow.. The pics along with the touching poem was absolutely fantastic.. Loved it!! No wonder that you both won.. U people deserve it.. !! Congratzzzzz…😊
    Wishing you both more luck and happiness.. The first pic of that girl really moved my heart.. Lot of love to your li’l cutie…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very well said and expressed tgh art
    Hearty congratulations to duo.
    very talented mother and brilliant daughter
    May Almighty bless both of you with success for all the time yo come

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Gosh, I am so impressed – your daughter is really talented – I love her Manga illustrations and the poem is just so beautiful. How wonderful that the submission was awarded first prize – hurray for last-minute-genius-teamwork! Thank you so much for sharing this with us at Fiesta Friday – it’s absolutely wonderful!


    1. Thank you so much Selma😃 Your appreciation really means a lot to both of us.Thanks for being a wonderful host as always and spreading warmth all around you. I love being at the party even more when you are co-hosting it.💞

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you dear Juju 😃 for your kind words of encouragement. Maybe she would like to pursue in the designing field. Maybe!! We never know. But thank you again from both of us. It means a lot to us 💕😃


  4. SKD has art of keeping together the blog members and the group is an excellent example of hearty relations and appreciating each others achievements.We pray that the group expands further and further and show to society that eventhough from different countries,cultures and faiths can come together and give a message of peace in these days of violence and intolerance

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    1. I would like to thank you so much😃 for your prayers and blessings on behalf of my entire blogging community and friends. Happiness when shared gets multiplied and Sorrow when shared gets divided. That’s what my father says 😃💕👍


  5. Oh, this is just so precious! You and your daughter are both super talented! Like mother, like daughter, it seems 😄 Congratulations on that well-deserved first place trophy! I really enjoyed the poignant poem and the artistic manga drawings! XOXO

    Liked by 1 person

  6. you have always been the best,,,, both at making delicious food and stealing ones heart with beautiful poetry and paintings….. simply awesome… you are one of ma best followers..


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