Icecream Dome Cake






There’s nothing that beats chilled icecream desserts on hot summer days especially when you don’t have to spend time in the kitchen. If you are bored of serving scoops of icecream or sundaes,try something different. Try making an Icecream dome cake with your favorite flavors. You can be innovative with this dessert. I have used pineapple slices, strawberry and vanilla icecreams and chocolate layer cake fingers. The combination worked beautifully. You can try the same or work with other flavors. You can use Kiwi slices instead of Pineapple too.

Step 1: Take  a dome shaped glass bowl and line it with plastic cling wrap. This step makes it easier to demould the cake later. Chill this bowl in the freezer while you prep the other ingredients.


Step 2: Cut 1/2 inch wide and about 4 inch long fingers from your favorite layer cake. I used chocolate layer cake.


Step 3: Keep the strawberry and vanilla ice cream bricks on the counter. Let the icecream become slightly soft for easy layering.



Step 4: Place a pineapple slice(from a tin) at the bottom of the bowl.


Step 5: Start placing the layer cake fingers around the pineapple slice and working all the way upto the rim of the bowl.

Step 6: Now scoop out a layer of strawberry icecream on the pineapple slice. Smooth with a palette knife.

Step 7: Place a layer of cake fingers on it.

Step 8: Scoop out a layer of vanilla icecream and smooth with a palette knife. Repeat layers according to the size of your glass bowl.

Step 9: Cover with a layer of cake slices.

Step 10: Keep the bowl in the freezer.

Step 11: Keep a serving platter in the freezer so that the cake doesn’t keep sliding when you serve.

Step 12: Keep the bowl out of the freezer for 5-10 minutes depending on your room temperature before serving.

Step 13: Invert the bowl on the serving platter and peel off the cling wrap.

Slice and enjoy with family and friends.








62 thoughts on “Icecream Dome Cake

    1. Thank you so much for missing me dear Sheh! I was away for a long family holiday. Then there was a close family wedding. So couldn’t post and browse much. I have a lot to catch up. How are the dudes. Hope they haven’t been troubling you much 😉

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  1. Wow! Ana, what a fabulous dome cake. I had made a similar one with pudding once but your icecream one looks even better and yummier.Very pretty presentation and great tips. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank you so much ☺ Actually when I was about to click pics someone dropped in. I couldn’t get the best pics. But everyone enjoyed the dessert and didn’t let it last long.

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  2. Wow Ana! What a simple, yet amazingly beautiful domed-ice-cream-cake! Love the endless possibilities! I imagine you could feast on ice cream for breakfast, lunch AND dinner eh? I hope it cools down for you all soon. Brilliant presentation!

    Liked by 1 person

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